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A future where every fish is accounted for. Every physical condition monitored. Every feeding automated. Every temperature change, environmental threat, behavioural irregularity and growth condition monitored, analysed, visualized and adhered to.

An industry empowered by simultaneous and continuous data collection, processing, visualization and analysis allows for accurate and efficient day-to-day operations, anywhere in the world.


Fish farming is between a rock and a hard place; on one hand it is a vital source for food production, economic growth, technological development and biological diversity. On the other hand it is a massively competitive industry, under constant political, and public scrutiny, and has seen less technology-driven developments than other food industries.

Numerous factors affect final products and profitability. Weather conditions, feeding patterns, diseases, water currents, algae growth, mechanical equipment reliability, genetics, human safety, individual and bind behaviour patterns and more are serious concerns.

The standards for Industry 4.0 are becoming the new norm in the seafood industry, where collecting and processing data parameters are becoming an increasingly decisive factor. Analysis, prediction, and integration are key to staying competitive, and the challenges can be broken down to four main categories:

Four main industry challenges

  • Data collection

    Data has become by far the most valuable asset for any modern business, both due to inherent usability and as leverage tools for competitiveness. Analysis, prediction and integration are key to staying competitive.

    Despite pressure from all sides to improve efficiency, lower resource use and reduce risk factors, aquaculture industries have yet to embrace the idea of a centralized system for digitalization. In an ideal world, real time data collection, processing and response would be accessible from anywhere, to anywhere, any time. Staying on top of data collection is challenging, but nevertheless a prerequisite for success in the modern world.

  • Accuracy

    The data itself is worth little without the right systems in place. Real time data collection and processing is complex and requires optimized setups, controls and state-of-the-art technology to be fully effective and used in a competitive market. To maintain accuracy levels, the data collection system needs to be fully adaptable and open to data input from a vast number of existing sensor systems, specialized units and standards. It is a monumental task.
  • Interpretation

    The challenge related to data collected from numerous sources is the lack of utilization options, preferably through centralized systems. Without means to automate, streamline, compare and interpret data from various sources there is no way to maximize efficiency. Creating a tailored, intelligent solution to facilitate continuous improvement is key to a successful digital transformation.
  • Action

    The ability to perform important decisions on short notice comes down to three factors: Experience, knowledge and prediction abilities. In a digitized and highly competitive industry, experience alone is not enough, and basing predictions on the former two is risky at best. Enabling smart decision making takes all three, with the challenge of ever-evolving technologies thrown in the mix.

Aqwise by Aqua Solution

Connecting the physical, biological and digital world

A fully customizable open source system for simultaneous and continuous data collection, processing, visualization and analysis to allow accurate and efficient day-to-day operations, anywhere in the world.

The Aqwise Solution

Connecting aquaculture operations

The innovation

How does it work?

Having been initially designed to optimize offshore, oil and gas operations, the technology behind Aqwise has been developed and refined for years, and is now ready to revolutionize the Aquaculture industries both by digitizing time-consuming manual tasks and by collecting and providing statistical data from numerous sources.

Here are some key elements:

The open world of OPC UA

OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) is a machine to machine communication protocol for industrial automation, and serves as a core technology for Aqua Solution’s systems. It’s open source formats provides us access to the necessary infrastructure for interoperability across M2M, machine-to-enterprise, and everything in between, making vendor lock-ins a thing of the past. OPC UA also defines a standardized, vertical, object-oriented process, simplifying and reducing the engineering work dramatically. By using this technology we can make our systems communicate with every online piece of equipment. In other words: If it’s online, it’s a fit for Aqwise.

Bespoke business opportunities

The Aqua Solution system is custom tailored to every user, perfected to suit your data streams and utilizes seamless communication methods between sensor arrays, public data and our integrated operations centers. Aqwise systems are all adhering to W3C standards and are HTML native. This allows incorporation of typical web applications for CCT and maps (GIS) and numerous other. Aqwise will fit your operations perfectly and is infinitely expandable.


Aqwise is compiled using state-of-the-art HTML5 programming, which bring numerous benefits when it comes to flexibility and interoperability between equipment and systems. In addition to being fully extendable it improves and rationalizes document markups and allows for the creation of user friendly interfaces for otherwise complex web application. A low power consumption also makes it perfect for cross-platform mobile applications.

HMI and Scada with Pure Web

Being an HMI software built on web standards (HTML5), Aqwise supports all SCADA functionalities. It requires no installations, no plugins, no java, no flash and no Active X. Vector graphics makes any visualization scalable and loss-free, and only requires a web browser. SCADA is a control system for computerized systems, and much like HTML5 it is built on open source coding, allowing Aqwise to perfectly align communication and system controls. Aqwise is also 100% secure, made to suit any system, and fully future-proof by nature.

The results

Improving every aspect

Implementing the Aqwise solution provides a vast amount of benefits, and provides a tremendous impact on a large number of business aspects.

Some of the key benefits include:

Improved efficiency

Access to all relevant operational data at all times enables instant actions and reactions, and accurate predictions made by an increasingly smarter artificial intelligence will enable proactive responses and greatly improved efficiency levels.

A greener way

Optimized resource spending, from power to food, staffing and medication, will not only improve time/cost factors, but effectively reduce environmental impacts.

Better reliability

Constant, online and real time monitoring of equipment, facilities and stock will enable proactive repairs, maintenance and equipment life cycle planning, reducing costly down time and off-site dependencies.

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But that’s not what sets us apart.

What makes us unique is our focus on the importance and intricacies of communication and the way we design our open source systems to be forward compatible with standards to come. In other words: Our ability to stay ahead of the curve.

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